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Who's Who

Executive Principal of St Philip's Christian College group of schools - Mr Graeme Irwin
Mr Irwin is the Founding Principal of St Philip's Christian College. As Executive Principal he is responsible for the overall leadership, goals and direction of the St Philip's Christian College group of schools. He leads the International Student Program (ISP) and ensures that Christian values, management policies, compliances and organisation structures are effective across all SPCC campuses and are reflected in the Board-approved International Corporate Business Plan. Mr Irwin has a passion to ensure that the ISP achieves excellence in all campuses and that the educational, pastoral and welfare needs of students are met to the highest standard possible. 


Principal - Mrs Pam O'Dea
Mrs O’Dea assists the Executive Principal in the general organisation and daily running of the College with particular responsibility for Curriculum and Board of Studies matters. Mrs O’Dea is responsible for Higher School Certificate (HSC) students and can offer expert advice on subject choice, university entrance, Vocational education and training, teaching methods and study techniques. Mrs O’Dea can also counsel and support students on overcoming their academic challenges as an international student and how to optimise HSC performance. 


Assistant Principal / Director International Student Program - Mr Robert Baker
Mr Baker assists the Executive Principal/Newcastle Principal with the enrolment and admissions of students, pastoral care and some promotional aspects of the College. He oversees the International Students Program at Newcastle Campus and supervises day by day procedures including monitoring of student progress, pastoral care issues, passport and visa requirements, and other governmental requirements related to overseas students. 


Director of Curriculum - Mrs Anne Anschau-Roach
As Director of Curriculum, Mrs Anschau-Roach provides regular monitoring of their academic progress. 


International Student Assistant - Mrs Samantha Jones  Samantha helps to coordinate the Homestay Program and assists with International Student Support and the administration processes.


Coordinator of ESL/ Director of Information Resources Centre - Mrs Judy Anastopolous

  • Supervision of ESL Course with specific reference to Senior English (ESL)
  • Responsible for the supervision of Carolina Gibson, including:
    • Assistance with programs, advice and marking of ESL student work;
    • Checking programs and professional supervision on a weekly basis
  • Board of Studies matters affecting ESL students including resource acquisition, curriculum requirements, workloads and time management
  • Participate in cross-campus liaison in matters pertaining to ESL such as assisting with Personal Transition Plans, monitoring English testing standards, workshops to assist international students and professional development and training.
  • Liase with Director of Curriculum about individual students academic progress.
ESL Teacher - Carolina Gibson
The ESL teacher is to assist students who come from a Non – English Speaking Background (NESB) to become sufficiently competent in English. This enables our international students to take an effective part in mainstream Australian social and educational tasks and activities.

This may be realised through a number of ways:

  • Developing students’ ability to function effectively in English in a wide range of social and learning contexts at school
  • Developing students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, and to ensure that these skills are linked to all curriculum areas
  • Facilitating students’ continuing conceptual development while they have minimal use and understanding of English
  • Building on students’ linguistic and cultural identities in order to foster their confidence and motivation.

Head of Senior School (Yrs 9-12) - Mr Jamie Fahey
Mr Fahey is Head of Senior School (9-12). The majority of our long-term International Students attend our Senior High School with our main intake countries being China and Korea.


Head of Middle School (Yrs 5-8) - Mr Graeme Evans
Mr Evans is Head of Middle School (5-8). This school recieves both short and long-term International Students. 



Head of Junior School (Kinder - Yr 4) - Mrs Lea Rule
Mrs Lea is Head of the Junior School where we occasionally, have short-term students come and visit.



Ministry Team: Mr Benjamin Perren, Mr Mark Reid and Mrs Amelia Gardner
The Ministry Team is responsible for Christian Education, Worship Services, Ministry (local/National/global) and Christian counselling and pastoral care of students. They achieve this by:

  • Encouraging students in their commitment to Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
  • Teaching Christian truth and values in a dynamic manner according to an effective program.
  • Developing a credible senior program based on the 1U/2U Studies in Religion syllabus.
  • Organising Chapel Services and other special events such as Prayer at the Pole, Empowering outreach to the community and global ministry opportunities such as India and Vanuatu.

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