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St Philip’s Christian College in Gosford, Newcastle and Port Stephens provides Homestay accommodation for our International Students.

Living with an Australian family is an excellent way for students to practise and absorb their English. It also demonstrates to them the Australian way of life and allows them the opportunity to experience active Christianity.

Homestay students stay with families whose lifestyles are consistent with Christian values. Students are encouraged to participate in that family’s activities which in most cases will include attending Christian based events relevant to the student’s age.

Accommodation is screened to ensure proper standards are kept and the environment is conducive to students being able to achieve their goals. Students are not permitted to stay overnight in Sydney without the permission of parents.

Homestay includes all meals and access to all facilities in that home and some participation in duties around the house. Homestay students will have a room of their own with a desk for study purposes.

St Philip's Christian College takes the safety of your child seriously. The College monitors the strict rules about school attendance under the student visa requirements and also State Laws. These regulations hold schools accountable for the whereabouts and safety of their students.

Students under 18 years of age must be under the care of a legal guardian or under the duty of care of the College.


Homestay rates are: $AUD250.00/week for a single room.

Private Flats

Where the students are over the age of 18 years and have been at the College for at least 6 months, they may be permitted to flat, provided they have the written permission from their parents and the approval of the College. Students should not assume approval is automatic. It will only be granted if the College considers it is in the best interest of both College and students.

Students in this type of accommodation will be subject to a more limited supervision from the School and whilst having a much greater degree of freedom, will be required to ensure their behaviour is commensurate with that required by the school.


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